Why This Blog Exists

*Insert boring basic bio stuff here*

More seriously though this blog is all about two things: my writing and how it can help you.  As I am not an emo teenager this will not be about my life unless it is somehow relevant to something that could be of benefit to others.  Except for rant posts which will have to be excused as they are necessary to keep what little sanity remains (hint: very little).

Currently my interests are (no particular order): self improvement, reading (mostly non-fiction), photography, business, robotics, women, classic cars, outdoors activities and anything shiny.  These are subject to change at any time, as I am fairly fluid (random) in my hobbies.  Offer void in Utah, your results may vary.

Why are you still reading this, either read some of my other posts or get back to Facebook.  Your crops need harvesting.


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